Protecting Your Home from Theft

Protecting our home is top priority for all of us and one thing many of us are worried about is theft. According to the FBI, a home is burglarized every 13 seconds in the United States. Thinking of this shocking statistic, may make you a little concerned, but there are things you can do to protect your home from theft.

Lock Up
Yes, this one is simple, all you have to do is make sure you lock all of your doors and windows. About 4% of the burglars get into a house right through an unlocked entrance, see more stats on the common entry points. The simplest thing you can do to stop that from happening to you is lock up!

Home Security System
Having a home security system is one of the smartest moves you can make to protect your home from burglars. You may also be able to save on your homeowner’s insurance by adding one, contact us today to find out!

Avoid Announcing You’re Going Away
While you may think you’re just sharing the photos of your family on vacation with your friends and family, the fact is, you may not know everyone on your friends’ list. Many burglaries happen just from someone posting about being away. Don’t broadcast you’re on vacation. If you want to share your photos, wait until you are officially home to share

One more thing you want to consider is making sure your homeowner’s insurance is up-to-date and that you are covered, should a burglary happen. Contact us today to review your policy and how it addresses theft.

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