Bragging about my Insurance Agent
Last year I started working with Rothenberger Insurance Services because my wife was involved with a networking group. I have to say I wasn’t fond of the idea, and was probably a bit of a jerk at our first meeting to see how they handled me. The last year has been absolutely incredible for a variety of reasons since working with them. The level of service I get is beyond belief from Ron (the owner). He called me yesterday because my renewal bills came and said I saw your new rates and I want to (actions being withheld for privacy) and it will require no work from you and reduce your auto policy by $320 for this year?!? What service provider or insurance agency calls YOU proactively to save YOU money on your policy? I wasn’t even going to consider shopping because the value I receive at the service level is worth way more than the $100 I might save elsewhere.

Ron’s company is a broker, so they shop for you. They carry Renter’s policies for your tenant, vacant, dwelling for flippers, rental dwelling for landlords, and obviously the other standard stuff for auto and homeowners.

I am learning to love my agent.
My household had an accident last week. Car one hit car two, car two hit them. Since then, they have been calling car one and car two’s insurance to see who wants to pay. Surprising neither does. Nobody has been out to look at the damage to their vehicle and they have no rental car. I asked, “What the heck kind of insurance do you have?”. Donegal, just like me. Great insurance!!

I said, “This is does not sound right, Donegal is way better than this, I know because of my two accidents. One my fault, one somebody else (and out of state at that). You just call Donegal claims and they take care of EVERYTHING!!!” . This gets my 80 year old mother-in-law crying, “Now you’re telling me that I’m doing it wrong, I can’t handle any more stress”. Now I can’t say anything else or help. I’m the bad guy!!! Grrr….

Thank you, Lord Jesus that I have, my excellent agent Ron, who told me in both of my accidents to call Donegal claim and they took care of everything!! Ron follows up to make sure that they do so the whole time. I never had to call another person’s insurance company or go without a rental. He is the best and in this Thanksgiving season, he is on my list of things that I am thankful for.

Susan M. Zipp
C. Malcolm Smith & Company, P.C.


First Time Buyers with RIS, purchased home and auto insurance
“We feel that your company has a great ‘personal’ touch — it’s reassuring to know that we have an agent right here in Reading that is available to help us when we need him.   Ron is great with communicating with us right away, right when we need him. He always responds to our emails and phone calls promptly and effectively.

We needed to change the effective date on our homeowners policy, because we had changed the date of our settlement, but we forgot to update the policy. We only noticed our mistake a day before we were meant to go to settlement, and if the date wasn’t changed, the whole closing would have been affected. We contacted Ron in a panic and he was able to sort everything out for us, made us feel like we were in good hands. He was able to amend the policy, and the settlement went through smoothly.   He even checked back in with us the next day to make sure everything went okay. It was so great of him to help us out, we were first time homebuyers and very unsure of ourselves – he made it seem like it was no problem at all.”
~ T.S.R.

Purchased Homeowner Insurance
“I had the lucky fortune to be referred to Ron by my Real Estate agent in the process of buying a home. Ron was extremely professional and punctual through the whole process. What I most appreciated about Ron’s service was his thorough understanding of the insurance products he sold. He was able to look at my old policy and found places the old carrier cut corners so they could show me a lower rate. Not only did he protect me by making sure I had the proper coverage, but he did it for a lower cost. I strongly recommend Rothenberger Insurance to fulfill any of your insurance needs.”
~ Michael J. Cammarano Jr., Esq.

Purchased Homeowners Insurance and Auto Insurance
“Ron reviewed my prior insurance carrier’s policies and found several areas where I was either underinsured or paying too much. In the end he fixed everything and saved me over $1,200 per year on our home and auto policies. I highly recommend Ron to review your insurance needs and recommend a solution. I hear over and over again about people saving money with Ron.”
~ Mark Poserina, CPA

Professional recommendation for auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial insurances
“I have gotten to know Ron as a personal banker and customer. He has given me solid advice and provided me and my family members with quality service. I would recommend Ron to anyone looking for a personal insurance agent.”
~John Perate

Purchased Auto Insurance
“I wasn’t with Ron for more than a few weeks when I had a car accident. He was on top of the situation from the beginning, returned phone calls immediately, and followed up on all the twists and turns of an accident claim. He knows the insurance world inside and out and is completely trustworthy and professional. I would recommend him to anyone!”
~Justin Bortz

Recommendation for auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial insurances
“Ron is a great person and that translates directly into his profession. While many insurance agents (and sales professionals in general) treat you as a commission check, Ron treats you as he would a family member. It takes a special type of person to carry that perspective to the work place every day. I would never dream of taking my business elsewhere.”
~ Kory Freshwater

Purchased Home Insurance and Auto Insurance
“Without a doubt I would recommend calling Ron for a free evaluation of your current insurance for home and auto. I did and saved almost $700 annually with Ron. He was thorough and detailed. He asked all the right questions to find the best solution and the best value for my home owners and auto policies.”
~ Alyse Mitten

Purchased Home Insurance and Auto Insurance
“We went to Ron to get a lower rate for our auto and home insurance and upgrade our jewelery policy. So far we have had a great experience. Everything was taken care of very efficiently and Ron was extremely helpful with all of our questions.”
~ M. M.

Purchased Home Insurance and Auto Insurance
“Last year, we had a minor accident and Ron handled that very professionally. The company will try its best to search the best coverage and premium for you. Ron is always very responsive. We had been with other big insurance for many years. However, since two years ago, the big company started to raise the premium year after year, even without any claims. Last year, the homeowners insurance was increased by almost 50% – which made me to search other insurance companies. Ron helped me with the search and got us the same coverage as before, but with lower premium. Thanks.”
~ Changfa Yang

Purchased Personal Insurance and Commercial Insurances
“Rothenberger Insurance has been providing our commercial and personal insurance for many years. Great, very responsive and understanding of our company needs. They bring business considerations to our attention to optimize our decision making process. Ron Rothenberger on several occasions has quickly responded to our insurance needs for time sensitive situations. His responsiveness in providing the necessary coverage has allowed us to continue our business uninterrupted.”
~ Peter McGregor, Acoterra, LLC

Purchased Homeowners Insurance
“I was referred to Rothenberger Insurance Services through my real estate broker and have been completely happy with all of his services. Ron was able to bundle my car and homeowner’s insurance  together for a price less than what l was paying for only a comparable car insurance policy. His  professionalism, honesty, and caring nature have impressed me and have allowed me to refer him to some of my friends and relatives.”
~ Chris Altenderfer M.S.E.

Purchased Car Insurance
“A car accident can really make life challenging for a couple of weeks even if there are not serious injuries. Having the right insurance company and insurance agent makes all the difference when it happens to you. Luckily, I’m with Donegal Insurance and have Ron Rothenberger as my agent because my accident happened while I was out of state for my nephews wedding. I called Ron as soon as the air bags went off and he started the claim right then. His main concern was that I be able to continue to enjoy my vacation and have transportation to get back home.

Donegal made it easy to leave my totaled car behind, get in a rental and proceed with my trip. Upon return, Ron called every couple of days to verify that everything was going smoothly but he didn’t need to worry because Donegal was 100%. They gave me a fair price for my car, took care of the rental charges and processed the claim in a timely manner.

Ron went above and beyond in helping to answer all of my many questions, patiently explaining every step of the process, and has checked with me after the fact to make sure I’m enjoying my new car. I have to give Ron and Donegal five stars for great service. Funny thing is, about a week, after Donegal handled everything, the other drivers insurance company called to get the process started. Donegal handled that too.”
~ Susan Zipp

Purchased Homeowners Insurance and Auto Insurance
“I received a recommendation from a patient to talk to Ron about my current insurance, and I could not be more happy with the result. Rothenberger insurance was able to supply me with the same home and car insurance coverage at more than half the cost I was currently paying! Ron works with you personally to give the best coverage possible, and he also helps you plan for the future with possible options that may give you even better coverage. Everyone in his office is friendly and willing to help. I would recommend anyone, including my own family, to contact Rothenberger insurance. You will receive quality care without any hassle!”
~ Greg Lenhart

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ron & Rothenberger Insurance Services since the start of my business in 2010. Ron had initially only carried my General Liability Insurance. However after being in business three years, I now have both my General Liability & Workers Comp Insurance with his company to which I am also saving from a financial perspective since switching. If ever I have any questions related to the insurance industry with the type of business I am in, he is very quick to respond and answer. Ron is professional, dependable & also personable which is also very important to me when it comes to building a solid business relationship with someone!”
~ David Lomnychuk

“Ron is an extremely knowledgeable insurance agent.  He takes the time to listen to my insurance needs and then always offers me solid advice and guidance.  He is professional, dependable and efficient. Above all, he cares about his clients and is always quick to provide a personal response.”
~ Laura Correll

“My experience with Rothenberger Insurance has been exceptional.  They listened to my needs, but also took the time to explain the fine differences between coverage options in language that made sense to me.  I am very happy with the policies that I now have, and feel that I am getting good coverage at a great price!

I will highly recommend to anyone who asks.”
~ Karen Campbell

“Thank you for the guidance.  You’re a much appreciated lighthouse on the stormy sea that is insurance.”
~ Adam Dries

Best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. Ron made sure to answer all my questions and made sure I understood every detail.
~David Swords

The association I work for has our insurance through him. He offers great insurance rates and is always willing to answer any questions we may have!
~Kasey Gray

“As a potential client (and now client) of Rothenberger Insurance Services, we found Ron Rothenberger to be extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and responsive. He guided us through the evaluation process and checked frequently by phone to ensure that we had received information and/or whether he needed to clarify any points or answer questions. Rothenberger Insurance Services is serious about customer service!
Thank you, Ron.”
~Lori B. Donofrio-Galley, Executive Director, Northeast Berks Chamber of Commerce, Kutztown

I appreciate how Heide was timely in all of her responses, and the time she took to explain all of the different possibilities for our home and auto coverage. It gave me confidence that I understood the coverage I was picking, and that we have our home and cars covered at an appropriate level. Thanks!
~Dave Klase

“Very responsive and very easy to work with!”
~Jennifer Robinson

“Rothenberger Insurance Services and Ron Rothenberger cater to the needs of their clients. After knowing Ron for a few years through chamber and networking events, we intentionally switched from an insurance agent of over 30 years to Rothenberger for our home, auto, and small business insurance needs. Customer service and responsiveness are priorities at Rothenberger. Ron will always pick up the phone and call! Thank you! ”
~Lori Donofrio-Galley

“We have 3 insurance policies with Rothenberger and the service is tremendous! ”
~Tanya Goodman

“I really appreciate that I get fast honest answers from Rothenberger Insurance. Ron and his staff go out of their way to help me with my business and personal insurance needs.”

~ Jim Gray

“Mr. Rothenberger was very courteous and helped me promptly with my needs. Great communication and follow-up!”

~ Ivelisse Nieves

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