Preparing For Christmas

The holidays are upon us and if you celebrate the Christmas season, the countdown is on. December 25th will be here before you know it and many of us are feverously trying to cross people and to-dos off our lists. We wanted to take a few moments to share with you some safety tips to remember when the big day arrives.

Opening Presents

The biggest event of the day for many children is the presents. In the heat of the moment, wrapping paper is flying, toys are all over the place, and clothing is thrown aside. Before the fun begins, inspect the area. If you have any lit candles close by, blow them out or move them out of harm’s way. If drinks are close by, make sure they aren’t in a glass cup and if possible make sure a lid is on it.

Preparing Dinner

If a big family meal is happening at your house, be diligent in making sure you’re preparing the meal safely. Never leave anything that could catch on fire near the stove, and stay close to the oven while it is on. Also, make sure those little fingers are staying away from any hot surfaces.

Enjoying the Big Meal

As your family gathers around the table to enjoy the delicious meal, make sure any candles you have burning on the table are safe and secure. If you’re eating potluck style, avoid having too many candles lit to limit any danger.

We hope you have a great holiday season and we hope that your day spent with your family is even better!

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