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Getting Your Home Ready for Back to School

It’s back-to-school time again! The new school year is upon us and for those of you who homeschool, now is the time to prepare your home for the year ahead. Whether your kids will be taught by you or an online schooling platform, it is important to have your home ready to take on the school year. 

  1. Declutter every room
    While this may seem like an obvious first step, it is a critically important task to complete in order to set your kids up for a productive year. Ridding the house of extra junk, especially in areas where your kids will be learning, is important in order to keep them focused.
  2. Create a defined schedule
    Over the summer, it’s easy to lose your everyday routine and opt for a more relaxed schedule. However, it is important to resume a defined schedule once school time rolls around. Having a set time to wake up, get ready, and prepare breakfast will keep your children in a routine that will set them up for productive learning each day.
  3. Set up a specific area for the classroom
    The dining room table or living room is probably not the best option for your children’s classroom to be set up. It is important that the learning area for each child be quiet and equipped with the tools they need every day. Places like a spare bedroom, office, or even an area of the basement are perfect places for your kids to be able to focus. In addition, prepare each room with the right tools that your kids will need.
  4. Make sure your homeowner’s insurance is up-to-date
    While this may seem like an unusual step, it is still important to make sure your homeowner’s insurance is up-to-date. After all, your family will be spending more time at home this year! If you are bringing in a credentialed teacher, you may have to examine the safety requirements of having an employee in your home. Talk with an RIS agent today to make sure your home is insured and prepped for the year ahead!

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