Do You Need Classic Car Insurance?

Have you ever been on the road and saw a vintage or classic car going past you? It’s enough to make you turn your head and lose focus for a second or two. If you’re looking to purchase a classic car, you need classic car insurance. We want to run through how it’s different from average automobile coverage and what it covers.

Classic car insurance was specifically created to cover the big investments owners may put into their classic vehicles. Although, classic car insurance has certain requirements that must be met to have it available at your disposal. A few of the requirements will include:

  • Minimum age of vehicle, ranging from 15 – 25 years old.
  • Maximum mileage limit which ensures the vehicle isn’t taken on the road daily.
  • Safe area where the vehicle can be properly maintained, kept in good condition, and free from damage or accidents.

The main benefit that classic car insurance provides is the amount of coverage available based on the true value of the vehicle itself. With standard vehicles, their value will decrease each year, and this can directly affect the amount of coverage you’re receiving. As the owner of a classic vehicle, we can multiple prices to reach an agreeable price point that will cover it if an accident occurs. This price point can also be adjusted depending on the value of your car if it increases over time.

Classic car insurance isn’t exclusive either, as there are a variety of vehicles that can use it. This includes classic motorcycles, older military vehicles, and even modified vehicles. Different insurance providers will have different guidelines to follow.

Here at RIS, we can help you decide upon the right plan, whether this is your first classic vehicle or one of many in a collection. Contact us today!