Insurance Plans You May Need For Summer

Just because summertime is on the horizon doesn’t mean we can stop caring about our safety and stop worrying about our insurance. All of us, as homeowners, car owners, parents, grandparents, etc. all have a responsibility upon ourselves to make sure we’re insured in the case of disaster that may strike at any time, anywhere.

Are you planning on traveling and enjoying the summer away from home? If you answered yes, then you’ll definitely need to check your homeowners insurance and auto insurance. No heat or mosquitoes will stop someone from breaking into your house. What if a fire erupts while you’re on the go?  What if you receive a flat tire on the way to work or someone runs into you at an intersection.

You could be at the lake with your jet-ski, having a wild camping trip with friends going on ATV rides, or taking a cross country trip in the RV for a few weeks, but you need to keep in mind all of these items will require recreational insurance. Whether it’s at home or 300 miles away, accidents can occur.

Remember to have fun this upcoming summer, but also be prepared with the proper insurance plans! If you would like to review your current insurance policy, or are in need of a new one, contact Rothenberger Insurance today. We can help you with all of your insurance needs!

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