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Importance of Renters Insurance

Many renters who don’t get renters insurance choose to do so thinking that everything they need is under the policy their landlord chose. In reality, there are many things that the landlord’s policy wouldn’t cover. These are some important reasons why you should get renters insurance.

Damaged possessions – If there is a fire, flood, or other disaster, the apartment may be covered under the landlord’s policy, but things like your furniture, clothes, electronics, or utensils are not covered if they are damaged. Go through your apartment and add up the value of all of your things. Now, if all of those things were destroyed, would you have enough money then and there to replace all of it? If not, renters insurance is vital for you. Even the little cheap items add up to a lot.

Liability – Liability helps protect you from getting sued if a visitor gets injured in your apartment regardless of who is at fault. Renters insurance can also cover damages done to other apartments nearby in situations like a flooded bathtub leaking into a neighboring apartment.

Unlivable Apartment – If a fire or other disaster damages your apartment so badly that you are not able to live in it, unless you have a kind friend with extra room nearby, you’ll have to find a hotel or motel to stay in. Renters Insurance tends to cover this for a little while so you can get a new or rebuilt apartment.

Travel Items – Renters Insurance can not only protect the items in your home, but also the items you keep in your car or suitcase as you travel from damage or theft.

Accidental damage – We all have accidents, so if you drop that heavy mug and ruin the floorboard or break a window, you have to pay for that yourself without renters insurance. Any unintentional damage is covered.

Now that you know the value of renters insurance, make sure that you have at least the minimum coverage and save yourself some future stress. If you have any questions about renters insurance or other types of insurance, contact us!

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