Checklist for An Easy School Year

The new school year is almost here. Since most schools are going back to in person this year, the memories of rushed mornings are probably going through your head. Why not start a new routine this year to keep that morning stress and rushing around away? To get you into this routine we have created a checklist.

Getting Ready For the School Year

  • Create or clean up a designated spot for bookbags, shoes, jackets, and anything else they may just drop when they walk into the house.
  • Make sure they are prepared with the appropriate items for the school year.
  • Research and save protein-packed lunch ideas that you can rotate throughout the whole year.

In the Evening

  • Pick out an outfit and set it in a designated area.
  • Make sure homework and any paperwork is filled out, and in their backpack!
  • Make lunches.
  • Take showers in the evening.
  • Make sure alarms are set with plenty of time should your child struggle to wake up in the morning.

In the Morning

  • Don’t allow any screen time. Keep all electronic devices off.
  • Before sitting down for breakfast, make sure they are fully dressed and ready to go.
  • Keep breakfast simple, but make sure it’s one that is packed with protein.

With this simple checklist, you will find that the stress in the morning will fade away. Most of the work is completed in the evening and all your children need to worry about is getting ready. We hope everyone has a great school year!