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7 Steps You Can Take Right Now to Protect Your Business From Online Threats

Take a moment to think about how much of your business relies on the Internet. Whether it’s your financials, email or social media accounts, chances are that you’re using the Internet almost everyday. Now think about how your business could be affected by a cyber attack. How much time and money could you be losing? This is why it’s important to make sure you protect your business from online threats. Here are seven steps you can do right away to defend your business’s digital presence:

1. Create stronger passwords

No, you are not outsmarting online hackers and identity thieves by making your password the word “password”. The same goes for 123456. You need to create long, complex passwords in order to enhance your business’s security. Create passwords that are at least 16 characters in length and include a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols. The more variety you include, the better off you will be. Need help to create a password, use a website like

2. Implement Multi-Step Verification

In layman’s terms, multi-step verification is a way for a database to double-check that you are the person who is logging on or signing into an account. This is an extra step that can be taken alongside creating a password.  Depending on the database, you may be required to enter an additional code or PIN that gets sent to your email to prove that you aren’t hacking into someone else’s account. 

3. Purchase Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability insurance is another great way to shield yourself from a cyber attack. This type of insurance covers data breaches, computer fraud and attacks, cyber extortion, payment fraud and telecommunications fraud. Cyber Liability insurance helps your business prepare a response to cyber incidents as well as giving you access to a team of professionals to help you handle types of claims. 

4. Keep Backup Data Readily Available

To prevent your business from having to stop operations during a cyber attack, make sure all of your data has been backed up to a cloud or a physical backup solution. This way the operations of your business aren’t compromised. 

5. Install Updates on Your Devices 

Stop selecting “remind me later” when a pop-up comes across your screen if you want to keep your device protected. Oftentimes these updates are created to solve security issues with the software on your device. Cyber criminals will act fast if your system is vulnerable, so don’t hesitate when a new reminder appears on your screen. 

6. Use Virtual Private Networks

If you or one of your employees will be working away from the office on a public WiFi network, then you should consider installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN’s mask your device’s IP address to help hide your data from other people whom you’re working around. This keeps your browsing anonymous from online hackers. 

7. Contact Brady West with Rothenberger Insurances Services

Brady West has vast knowledge when it comes to cyber security for your business. West believes all businesses should have cyber insurance, regardless of their size. If you think you’ve become a victim of a cyber attack, contact RIS today to start defending your business. We are here to help protect your small business from online threats.

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