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Ways to Save on Your Insurance

Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to save money and that includes saving on car insurance. In this month’s blog, we wanted to go over a few different ways you can save on your auto insurance bill. Let’s dive into it.



This is one that you may already know about. Some insurance companies offer a discount if you bundle your auto and homeowner’s insurance. If you are paying separately for each of your insurance policies, give a call, we can provide you with a quote on bundling your insurance policies.


Higher Deductible

One way individuals are saving on insurance is by selecting a higher deductible. This is one you may need to weigh options on, because by selecting a higher deductible you are also selecting a higher out-of-pocket cost potentially. Questions you may want to ask yourself when deciding what type of deductible are:

  1. Can I afford paying the higher deductible should I end up needing to file a claim?
  2. Would it end up saving me money by going with a higher deductible, even if I have to file a claim?
  3. What is the age of my vehicle and if I have an accident, would it make sense to pay to have it repaired?


Defensive Driving Courses

Would you like to learn how to be a safer driver on the road? There are several companies that offer defensive driving courses for individuals of any age. Whether you are an experienced driver or a brand-new driver, taking a defensive driving course could end up saving you money on your car insurance. Besides that, it could also end up saving you money on traffic tickets and also help reduce your risk of accidents. Ultimately, it could then help you with your decision of selecting a higher deductible.


Install A Tracking Device

Many insurance companies offer discounts to those individuals who are willing to have a tracking device, whether it is plugged into your vehicle or an app on your phone. These devices are used to monitor your speed, acceleration, braking as well as other details that the insurance company chooses to track. Depending on what kind of driver you are or how long you drive, it would help you determine if a tracking device would end up saving you money on your insurance policy.


These are some ideas to help you save on your car insurance. If you would like to learn more or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you save on insurance while protecting what is most important!

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