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Swimming Pool Safety

The weather is warming up! We’re all staring to have thoughts of warm sunny days lounging by the pool! If you have a pool at home, you want to make sure you practice some important pool safety tips. Safety matters, especially if you have children. This month, we wanted to share with you some important pool safety tips, so you can be prepared for all of the splashing around this spring/summer.

Proper Supervision While Kids are Swimming

Drowning is the number 1 cause of death for children ages 1 to 4 and number 2 cause of death for children ages 5-14. With this in mind, even if your child is a great swimmer, you want to ensure that there is always supervision while they are in the pool. Accidents can happen. Avoid this from happening by being vigilant in supervising while children are in the pool.

Install A Fence Around Your Pool

Most municipalities already require you to have a fence around your pool. But, even if it isn’t required where you are located, you still want to be proactive and have one installed. If you have small children, adding a lock and/or alarm is also a good addition.

Create & Post Pool Rules

It is a good idea to have rules for those who take advantage of your pool. Consider posting them near the pool, as well as numbers in case of an emergency.

How It Affects Your Homeowner’s Insurance

When a pool is added to your home, you may need to adjust your homeowner’s insurance. Pools can increase your liability risk, so you want to make sure to give us a call to review everything before you have it installed.

We hope every pool owner has a very fun-filled and safe spring and summer!

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