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Insurance Tips For Young Drivers

Originally Posted: September 7, 2018 | Updated: March 12, 2024

One of the proudest moments in a teenager’s life is receiving their license after all the nervousness, and practice sessions. For parents, this means adding a first time drivers to the insurance, which means an increased rate.

Insurance companies are well aware of the risks that young driver’s pose.  Adding a young driver to your insurance policy can increase your rates 50 to 100 percent.  But you don’t have to take away those car keys just yet.  We’ll share with you how to keep your kids safe on the road and what young drivers can do to reduce their auto insurance.

1. Keep a clean record

Having a DUI conviction on a driving record is extremely costly.  If you are a young person with no prior convictions who is convicted of a DUI, your base insurance premium (for example), of $800 could be raised thousands of dollars for at least three years.  Make sure that you keep in mind not to drink and drive, pass the key!

2. Earn brownie points

Many auto companies offer student discounts on their auto insurance if they maintain a 3.0, or a B average and are rolled full-time in high school, community college or a university.  You can also take a local accredited driver safety class to get a discount, or to remove points from your license.

3. Drive the right kind of car

While it may be cool to show off those hot wheels in campus, think about the hole that could burn in your wallet.  Did you know the type of car you drive is a large factor in your insurance costs?

You can save yourself 50 percent or more on auto insurance if you choose a safer car.  Sports cars, expensive cars, high performance cars and SUVs are typically viewed as carrying a higher risk with insurance companies, and you’ll pay more.

The important thing is that your kids can start on that journey with a safe car that will safe you money on your car insurance as long as its clean and safe.

4. Add safety features

Last but not least, it’s likely your insurance rates will be reduced if you have added safety features. This includes automatic seat belts or anti lock brakes. Sometimes side-impact air bags can give you a discount too.  Newer models cars are best since many have these features already.

There are many tips and ideas when adding your child onto the insurance plan. Consulting RIS is a smart move! We can provide insight and information about the extra details. With teen drivers and adult drivers, the need for full coverage will provide more benefits and ease for their future on the back roads and highways.

It’s better to be safe and secured then risk the nightmares of having less coverage. Above all else, if an accident happens, first hopefully they are safe, and second the insurance you have them on will be able to cover damages. It doesn’t matter if it’s during a rainy day, a Sunday stroll, or a vacation drive hours away, insurance for teen drivers is a must have. Let us help find the right coverage!

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