Hail No! We’re Resilient

By Ron Rothenberger, Rothenberger Insurance
(article from West Reading Avenues Magazine)

On May 22, no one expected Mother Nature to pummel the businesses of West Reading with golf ball size hail. The initial evidence of the storm, with more than six inches of hail in the streets, flooding over the sidewalks from blocked drains, was just the beginning. Roofs, awnings, exterior fixtures and windows were totally destroyed.

Now, less than three months later, building owners and business owners are forging ahead, working around the inconveniences of repairing and replacing the damaged and torn evidence from the impact while they continue to do business. It’s a joint effort with some building owners working together on repairs that affected shared properties.

No one ever plans for something as catastrophic as the hail storm and it hasn’t been without its battles and struggles for some business owners. In the end, it’s all about keeping our doors open and serving our clients.

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