Grilling Safety Tips

On average 9,600 house fires are started from a grill each year, with July being the peak month for grill fires. Over 16,000 patients are in the ER because of injuries involving grills. With these big numbers, you want to make sure that you’re grilling safely. Let’s discuss ways to do just that.

Keep distance between your grill and your house. It is a smart idea to make sure your grill is at least 10 feet away from your house. Do not grill in any enclosed area or under any overhangs.

Clean your grill regularly. After every use make sure to clean your grill.

Keep a spray bottle close by. When grilling, it is smart to keep a spray bottle within reach. In case of any flare-ups, you can stop them before they could get worse.

Keep a fire extinguisher close by. In the event that a spray bottle can’t stop the flare-up, a fire extinguisher can. Keep it close by and know how to use it!

Avoid leaving your grill unattended. Fires can start at any moment. This is why you should make sure you have all of your food prep done prior to starting the grill, so you can focus on grilling.

These simple tips will help keep you safe and keep your food from getting destroyed during these summer grilling months! Have a great summer!

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