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Essential Summer Vehicle Safety Tips

How are you enjoying the weather so far? Summer is a great time for vacations, road trips, and more activities to get you out and about. However, is your vehicle ready for the adventures ahead? As an insurance company, we want to make sure you’re prepared for any situation down the road! Keep reading to review some summer vehicle safety tips you’ll want to know for the season ahead.

Summer Vehicle Safety Tips

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

  • Tire Pressure – Did you know that when the temperature rises, so can your tire pressure! On a regular basis, check your tire pressure to ensure they’re inflated at the proper level for your vehicle. This can also help you get more miles per gallon! Similarly, take a closer look for wear and tear or more severe issues such as a nail.
  • Fluid Levels – Evaluate your fluid levels to keep your car running properly. This includes coolant, oil, brake fluid, and windshield washer. Some of these fluids, such as coolant, are essential for keeping your vehicle from overheating!
  • Battery Strength – While the summer heat increases, your battery will start to put in extra work. It’s worth taking your vehicle to a shop for inspection, as well as double-checking your battery to make sure it’s in good condition before you set off.
  • Air Conditioning System – One of the most valuable parts of your vehicle in the summer is the A/C. You’ll want to confirm it’s working as intended, especially when the summer days start to reach the 80s and higher.

Hydration and Staying Cool

  • Bring Water – It helps to keep an extra case of water in your vehicle. Even if it’s warm, this gives you the opportunity to get a drink when you reach a stop.
  • Using Sunshades – You shouldn’t underestimate a sunshade! For vehicles parked in the sun, or with darker interiors, a sunshade can help keep temperatures from skyrocketing inside your vehicle.
  • Dress Appropriately – Before you head out, check the temperature and take a look in the mirror. Is it going to be above 75 degrees? It might be time to ditch long pants and invest in some shorts!

Avoid Distractions

  • Ignore Devices – Everyone should abide by this rule, especially on long trips when it can be tempting, but put your phone down! There are various accessories that can help you out, such as Bluetooth, Siri, or hands-free mode to keep your eyes on the road in front of you.
  • Secure Loose Objects – No matter where you go, it’s a good measure to keep your belongings safe and secure. Similarly, when driving, you don’t want anything moving around either. Be sure to store your belongings in secure spots such as the trunk, or at least make sure they’re not bouncing around when you’re on the road.

Emergency Situations

  • Emergency Kit – Although you might be a great driver, accidents or other emergencies can occur at any time. An emergency kit can come in handy for all sorts of injuries, from small cuts to big bruises.
  • Route Planning – Are you heading somewhere you’re unfamiliar with? Plan your route before getting on the road. There are plenty of tools to help you out, such as GPS and similar applications. Just in case, you can also bring a map!
  • Share Location – We don’t recommend leaving without giving anyone a second notice. Inform your family and friends of your plans, route, and arrival times. Keep in communication with them on a daily basis so they know you’re okay.

Your summer can still be fun, but don’t forget the essentials of safety! Whether you’re heading out alone or with a group this summer, use these tips as a checklist to prepare for the journey ahead. If you need to discuss insurance options that can cover your future ventures, visit our contact page to get in touch with us. Have a good summer!

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