Do I need Flood Insurance?

Did you know that homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage from flooding? It’s almost crazy to hear, knowing how common flooding can be. Fortunately, there is the option of flood insurance.

Unfortunately, to insurance companies flooding is a gradual event, which won’t happen in a matter of a few seconds. Although you may wake up to your basement flooded, it takes a period of time for this to occur, which is why insurance companies won’t view it the same as a fallen tree or break-in. If you want to try to prevent floods from becoming a bigger problem, there are minimal solutions such as flood sensors, raising electrical outlets, pumps, and more.

Luckily, it is a simple and easy solution to help relieve you from potential damages. Even just half an inch of water can cost you thousands of dollars! Whether the coverage is for a home or business, there’s a flood insurance option for you to utilize. These options will be able to not only cover your flooring, but appliances, furniture, house utility systems, and more! As long as the damage is a result from the flooding of an area that is supposed to be dry, you should be covered.

In some areas, flood insurance may even be required to purchase a property if they’re located in an area where floods are common. As the most common natural disaster in our country, it’s astonishing that only about 15% of homeowners have flood insurance!

If you find you need flood insurance, give us a call! Stay safe and stay dry!