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Beat the Heat: Tips to Stay Cool and Comfortable at Home

Did you know, the average global temperature broke a record on July 4th, 2023? This was recorded as Earth’s hottest day in history, sitting at an average temperature of 17.18 degrees Celsius, or 62.92 degrees Fahrenheit. With rising temperatures, it’s crucial to find a way to deal with excessive heat so you can keep your home cool and comfortable! We’d like to share some valuable tips to help you beat the heat and keep your home cool all summer long.

Optimize Cooling Systems

If your air conditioner is underperforming, this is only wasting money and energy. It’s best to schedule regular maintenance to identify any problems. You can also clean or replace air filters regularly to maintain optimal airflow. Alongside your AC unit, you can also use ceiling fans or similar devices in conjunction to circulate cool air more efficiently.

Proper Insulation

To prevent warm air from seeping into your home, check your windows, doors, and vents for cracks. Weatherstripping or caulk can seal leaks and reduce heat transfer, effectively improving the temperature in your home. Other areas, such as the attic or basement, are also key areas where leaks can be found.

Window Shade

In common areas where people are, such as living rooms or bedrooms, window coverings or shades can block out sunlight. It might not seem like much, but closing the curtain or blinds can help prevent heat from building up over time.

Natural Air Ventilation

During times of the day that are much cooler, you can open windows and allow fresh air to circulate through your home. To optimize this, you can also use portable fans to create a cross-breeze, which will expel the hot air and invite more cool air into your home! To prevent insects from invading, invest in window screens as well. If possible, you can also minimize using devices that will produce more heat, such as ovens or dryers.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Finally, the most important tip for you to know is to hydrate throughout the day. Even if you’re not a big water drinker, make sure to drink plenty and try to keep a water bottle handy. To prevent excessive heat from getting to you, it’s also great to wear lightweight clothing or take cool showers when necessary.

Proactive measures can help you and your family stay cool when the temperature skyrockets. These are just a few changes to make so you can relax and enjoy the comfort of your own home. For other ways to protect your home, check out our website! We offer both residential and commercial services, as well as a monthly blog with plenty of other tips. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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