Avoiding Insurance Claims with Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is starting, and you likely already have a to-do list. To save money in the future and reduce risk of home insurance claims, think about adding these to your list.

Replace detector batteries – Though they last awhile, you don’t want your fire or monoxide detectors to fail when they are needed, so make sure to replace all of their batteries.

Outdoor cleaning – Choose a nice day and clean up your yard and gutters. The gutters help keep water from collecting on your roof and damaging your home, so make sure nothing is blocking them. Stray or big branches and shrubbery could damage power lines or let insects get into your home easier, so trim those enough that there is plenty of growing room.

Inspect windows, doors, and paths – You don’t want to get leaks or bugs coming into your home or to be tripping in your own yard, so take note of any cracks or breaks and make sure to repair or replace anything if needed.

Check dryer – If you don’t already clean the lint trap in your dryer after every run, start now! Dryer lint can warm up as the dryer runs, and a buildup increases the risk of a fire. It also means that the dryer can’t dry your laundry as well and could cost you more money with more time or times through the dryer per load. The dryer lint hose itself also needs to be checked and cleaned out every now and again for the same reasons as the lint trap.

Air conditioner and water heater – Get a professional to check on your air conditioner and water heater to make sure they are working properly. Repair or replace things if necessary.

HVAC filters – Make sure to replace your filters regularly. This will help your HVAC run more smoothly.

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